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You Should Choose a Classic Diamond Grille Security Door for Your Home

Why You Should Choose a Classic Diamond Grille Security Door for Your Home

A Diamond Grille security door is a classic – and for a good reason! These traditional designs are ideal for doors and windows and offer a simple but effective home security solution.

Are you wondering whether Diamond Grille security doors could be the best choice for your home? Diamond Grille Security Doors can be paired with a simple fly screen or with security mesh for elevated protection and are an attractive alternative to aluminum screens that offer Melbourne homeowners a heightened level of protection.

 Base model security doors such as the classic Diamond Grille design usually cost between $400-$450 including installation and are a cost-effective option for households looking to improve their home security.

Is the Diamond Grille an effective Security door?

There are three types of screens in Australia: fly screens, barrier screens, and security screens. Flyscreens protect your home against invading bugs and insects but offer no protection against human intruders. Barrier screens provide additional protection above fly screens. A Diamond Grille, for example, is cut so that a robber can’t fit a fist through the grille – but it is not automatically classified as a security door.

Australia has a rigorous classing system that dictates what can and cannot be called a security door. Thank goodness! Not all Diamond Grille doors are created equal, and not all pass the security screen test.

The Diamond Grille security door has been designed to not only meet, but to exceed the Australian standards for security, both through the strength of the grille and of the mesh behind it.

You can choose from standard fly screen mesh, pet mesh, perforated aluminum or privacy/one-way mesh with a wide variety of configurations available, including hinged, sliding, or stand-alone doors.

Why Melbourne homeowners love the classic Diamond Grille security door

Diamond Grilles are the perfect choice for an airy home, with different mesh styles that allow maximum airflow through your house. You can choose from either a classic diamond shape or double diamond design, with both options featuring cut-outs that allow for airflow through your home while still supplying top-level security.

Aesthetic appeal

Diamond Grille security doors complement a range of homes, from Edwardian weatherboards to Californian bungalows, mid-century modern designs, and new estate homes. They come in a range of colors to blend right into your home’s aesthetic.


Diamond Grille security doors can be designed to fit any door frame. You can customize your door with your choice of paint color, preferred mesh, or even install a pet door.


Diamond Grille security doors are made of tempered aluminum and quality framing and security grilles. They come with internal adjustment screws that will ensure a perfect fit within your door frame to keep your home well protected from thieves.


Diamond grille screens are automatically classed as barrier screens because of their protective grille. Whether you choose to add extra protection with a security mesh or not, diamond grilles are the perfect option for property owners concerned with security but also with their budget.

The classic Diamond Grille security door is one of Melbourne’s most popular security doors. They are versatile, can easily be color-matched to your home, customized to sliding, hinged, and can even include a pet door. They are truly an Australian classic, designed with security, aesthetics, and convenience in mind. Contact Jim’s for Security Door Melbourne on 13 15 46 to speak to our friendly customer service team about your home security needs or to arrange a free measure-and-quote service for your home and for the best lawyers and solicitors call us Property Conveyancing Brisbane.

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